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A Week With Evolve

After spending a week with Turtle Rock’s new assymetrical multiplayer game, Evolve, I thought it might be interesting to share some quick, candid thoughts about the game rather than try to write up a review 2 weeks late.  Most of my time has been spent playing as a hunter, rather than a monster.  This is by choice as I find that side of the game to be more interesting.  Nearly all of my games have been online, I have played a mixed bag of games with and without friends, and I am playing on the PS4.  Without further ado let’s get cracking. Continue reading “A Week With Evolve”

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks

Music has been a big part of my life for a long time.  Heck I even decided to study it in college.  As I’ve grown older my tastes have shifted and will continue to evolve, but I have always loved soundtracks.  It likely started in the mid to late ’90s when Star Wars came back to theaters.  Not only did I love the movies, I loved the music.  From that point it seemed inevitable that game soundtracks would become a real passion of mine as gaming became a bigger and bigger part of my life.  Game soundtracks often give us more stylistic variety than the typical orchestral scores of Hollywood and I would argue that gives them more widespread appeal. More then anything great soundtracks not only deliver excellent music, but help to take you back to the time and place you heard that music. Without further ado, here are my 10 favorite game soundtracks. Continue reading “Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks”

Do You Still Play for the Same Reasons?

Looking back at the previous three or four years, I had a lot less free time.  I was taking 15-17 college credits each quarter, working 35 hours a week, and spending time with multiple groups of friends.  Now I work 40 hours a week, try to keep up with one 5-credit class, and spend time with one or two friends a couple times a week.  Strangely with all the new free time I have, significantly less of it is spent playing video games. Continue reading “Do You Still Play for the Same Reasons?”