ANJL Episode 24

This week on the show Avery only stays for a few minutes so Lewes and Nick are left to hold down the fort.  We talk about what we’ve been up to, some very exciting news (Lewes droning on about Elite), and finish the show up with a Bloodborne spoiler cast of sorts.




Sights on Saturn Finale and playlist!

Thanks to everyone that joined me on my journey to our solar system.  Here it is the final episode of Sights on Saturn!  I have to say I got chills visiting the planets of our solar system and I really hope you enjoy this last episode.

In addition you can find the entire playlist right here:

Thanks again and stay tuned for more fun in Elite Dangerous!

And Now Just Listen Episode 23

This week on the show: we rename the podcast about 5 or times, Justin went to a wedding, Lewes finished Bloodborne and Nick played a lot of it so we have a lengthy discussion about the game (no spoilers), Avery is MIA again, and it’s a dry week for new releases.

Here are the links for your auditory enjoyment!


New Video Series!

Hey everybody!  Things have been quiet on the blog, but never fear, Nick and I have started a new weekly show.  We present to you ‘The News You Knew Already’ in which we present highlights of last week’s news and upcoming releases.  Check back every Monday for new episodes.

Here’s episode 1:

In addition, I’ll be starting work on a Bloodborne review and discussion starting this week so keep your eyes peeled!

And Now Just Listen Episode 22

This week on the podcast: Lewes and Nick are still playing way too much Bloodborne, Avery freely talks about Zelda (no chastising), Justin is MIA, and we actually manage to get started without getting immediately sidetracked. It was hot that evening so if you hear some weird background noise it’s probably Lewes’s fan.