The News You Knew Already 6/1/15


ANJL Episode 28 is here!

It was a very busy weekend for the ANJL crew but we managed to get together on Sunday to record a quick podcast and some videos you’ll see in the coming weeks.  Sorry for the dog barking and the extra reverberant room, but such are the costs of recording all together.  One of our videos got wrecked so unfortunately Nick, who arrived later on, didn’t make it into any of the content.  However, it was an awesome day because it was the first time we’ve all ever been together and it was a first time in person meet for members of the crew.  We hope to do more of these type of episodes when the opportunity arises and hope you enjoy the show!



The News That Won’t Go Up Today

So yesterday the whole gang was around for some recordings and whatnot and since news was light this week we decided to record an alternative video.  The idea was to make me (Lewes) play some Bloodborne while attempting to read the news stories we had chosen for the podcast.   Unfortunately the video did not process correctly and is unusable.  That means no news video this week and I apologize profusely.  We’ll see you guys for the usual bits this week (pod Wednesday, video Friday) and thanks for being awesome as always!


ANJL Videos Plays: Destiny

This week there will not be a video for Elite: Dangerous as I had some other stuff to play in order to prep for some things I’d like to record next week.  Instead we bring you highlights of Lewes, Justin, and (friend of the show) Ryan playing strikes in Destiny!  Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.  Cheers