Possible Ways Consumers Will Use HoloLens

Microsoft’s demo of the HoloLens this year at E3 was pretty impressive. They managed to get around what I consider to be the biggest obstacle in virtual and augmented reality, finding a way for outside viewers to experience it.  Watching a Minecraft world populate that table will always be my most memorable moment of E3 2015.

Now that a couple days have passed, I have started to think about how this technology will be used in gaming.  These are just some of the things that came to mind:

Top-Down Action RPG’s

Games like Bastion, XCOM Enemy Unknown, and Final Fantasy Tactics would play well in a HoloLens.  The thing they all have in common is that they are set up like board games.  The HoloLens will bring these games to life and let you finally live out that dream of playing animated monster chess like in Star Wars a New Hope.  Getting the perspectives of the battlefield under your complete influence will also make for a unique gaming experience.

XCOM-Enemy-Unknown from GameInformer

Image from Game Informer.

Enhancing the Spookiness of Horror Games

Honestly, just wearing headphones makes horror games exponentially scarier.  So if I had ghosts and other random things coming through my living room walls at me, or up through the floor, it would become a much more interactive experience.  While this would distract from the game, and likely create cheap “jump scares” I think if it is used right and sparingly, it can add a positive element to the genre.

silent hill

Image from Silent Hill Wiki

Map Building and Forge Modes in Gaming

Games that have in-game creator studios like Grand Theft Auto, Halo, or Trials, would also benefit from HoloLens.  Having your entire map displayed in 3D on your kitchen table would give you very unique perspectives when designing your perfect multiplayer map or mini game.

image from rockstar games

Image from Rock Star Games


The last way I thought HoloLens could be used in gaming was through watching eSports.  Getting to see the whole field in a League of Legends or Dota match, and having full control of where to zoom in would make the tournaments more interactive.  I personally get bored pretty fast when watching E-Sports, but if I got to dictate and direct which perspectives I was seeing during the matches, it would be a much better experience.

leage from gamespot

Image from GameSpot

HoloLens excites me because it could impact so many areas of gaming outside of pure gameplay.  I hope that the applications of it continue to grow, and that people try and give this new technology a chance.  I know price is a large part of people accepting new technology, which is also important to consider.  Are there any other ways that HoloLens can be used in gaming that I did not think of? Do you think HoloLens is the dumbest thing since the Kinect? Leave a comment below and let me know.


ANJL Episode 32 is here!

Nick and Lewes are here to talk about some of the games they were able to squeeze in during the last couple weeks around the E3 insanity.  On the table are ESO, HotS, Witcher 3, Destiny, and Hotline Miami 2.  Nick also tells us what he though of Inside Out and Lewes talks about some of the stuff he’s been doing while researching for an article about Playstation Vue.  Join us for a more laid back and news free episode of the podcast!

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The ANJL E3 Mega Pod is Here!!!!!

We discuss our thoughts on press conferences, games, news, and more on this week’s new episode.  We all enjoyed E3 very much and look forward to sharing our thoughts and feelings on the show.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

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No word on if/when there will be an episode next week, but we will keep you posted and update you all as soon as a decision is made.

Microsoft Press Conference Recap

Let’s recap how 2014 went for Microsoft, starting from E3. Microsoft had, what I would say, a pretty solid showing that summer. Halo Master Chief Collection got a standing ovation from the crowd, and Sunset Overdrive looked like a fast-paced, fresh first party title to accompany the shooter. Probably the biggest news was the $100-less SKU to challenge Sony’s 2013 undercut of the Xbox One. After E3, we saw how Halo failed to work out the gate, and that pretty much spelled the end of 2014 for Microsoft.

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