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ANJL Episode 37

This week on the show Avery asks the tough questions about egg yolks, Justin is barely paying attention because of TI5, and Nick raises questions about Lewes’s dietary habits.  Oh yeah, we also talk about games and stuff.  Got another great show for you this week, enjoy!

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The News You Knew Already 7/20/15

Once again we were unable to meet to make a video for this week’s news.  Nick had a busy weekend and I had some family business to help take care of all day on Sunday.  As such, we’re bringing you The News You Knew Already text edition for the second week in a row.  Rest assured we’ll be doing our best to get the videos going again ASAP.  Until then here are 5 stories plucked from the happenings of last week.

Destiny Weapon Rebalance

This week in their Weekly Update, Bungie announced that update 2.0.0 (aka The Taken King patch) will feature a massive overhaul of weapon balancing.  All weapon types are getting tweaks for various reasons in the hopes that a wider variety of weapons will be viable in the Crucible.  In addition to base adjustments some exotic weapons will be retuned including: Hard Light, The Last Word, Thorn, Hawkmoon, Ice Breaker, No Land Beyond, and Gjallarhorn.  The patch is extremely extensive and if you wish to see all the details follow the link below.  While it’s great to see weapons getting patched it feels like this is long overdue and may be too late to bring me back.

Xbox One Games Now Stream to Windows 10

This week Major Nelson announced on his blog that anyone with a Windows 10 device, including tablets and PCs with preview software, can now stream Xbox One games to these devices.  Using the Xbox One app not only allows you to stream games from your Xbox but also use many of the social features of Xbox Live.  If you have an Xbox One and Windows 10 it’s great that you can try this feature out before the full release in a couple of weeks.  The rest of us will have to wait until July 29 when Windows 10 is widely available.

Blizzard Adjusts Heroes Matchmaking

Heroes of the Storm players have been complaining that new and veteran players get matched in Quick Match far too often.  This week in a blog post Blizzard announced that they have altered matchmaking priority to keep new players and veterans away from each other.  The new rule will not work as well with parties of mixed skill levels and has increased the matchmaking wait time dramatically.  However, keeping players at closer skill levels should improve the experience for everyone.  I’ve been having a blast with this game recently and my matches have seemed more balanced this week.  Here’s hoping Blizzard can continue to improve the Quick Match experience.

Shenmue 3 Biggest Game Kickstarter Ever

Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter campaign closed this week with a total of 69,320 backers contributing $6,333,296.  That means Shenmue has beaten out Bloodstained (which raised $5.5 million) as the most successful video game Kickstarter to date.  Despite it’s great success it was not able to meet all of the available stretch goals and creator Yu Suzuki previously projected a need of $10 million to match expectations.  I’m happy for the people that want this game and are excited for it and congratulations to the Shenmue team for raising a good deal of money to get started.  Now we’ll have to wait and see if Sony will be kicking in any additional money to help fund the project.

NPDs and Industry Growth

NPDs for June have come in and Game Informer is reporting that Arkham Knight led the way in sales last month.  The better news is that sales were up overall for games in the month of June.  Improved sales is a great thing for the industry, especially in a month without too many big releases.  In addition, GameSpot has reported that Activision is reporting all-time high of $26 a share.  EA also recently reported that their stock has double in the past twelve months.  Both of these stories are great news for the overall health of the games industry.  Hopefully we will continue to see growth throughout the rest of the year as more big titles release as we approach the holiday season.