The News You Knew Already 9/21/5

This week the News You Knew Already is coming in text form.  Some busy weekends have prevented filming the last couple weeks and hopefully we’ll be back in regular form soon.  Without further ado here are 5 stories from last week.

GameSpot reported this week (along with most major outlets) that Atlus has announced a delay of Persona 5 at TGS.  The game is now slated for summer of 2016.  While it’s disappointing that we won’t get to see it this year I was expecting this announcement.  There had been no news for a long enough period of time that a delay seemed likely and now the game while arrive at a time when not much else is coming out.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the game as soon as it is released.

Jonathan Blow announced, via the PlayStation blog, that his new game The Witness will be arriving on January 26.  Development seems to have taken a lot longer than expected because the game was originally scheduled to be a launch window game.  Hopefully the game has been polished to perfection and I’m thrilled that it will be out in just a few months.  Braid was an excellent game and I’m looking forward to see what The Witness is all about.

Shenmue 3 wasn’t able to meet all of it’s Kickstarter stretch goals.  Now Ys Net is asking for more money on their own website in a “slacker backer” campaign.  You can head to the Shenmue website to donate via PayPal if you so desire.  Currently the campaign is still hovering around the $6.3 million mark that the original Kicstarter campaign was able to reach.  Everyone involved with this project has not been forthcoming enough about the funding process for Shenmue and any potential backers should be careful moving forward.

Gravity Rush, a very cool Vita game, is coming to PS4 as an HD remaster.  Sony announced that the game will release in North America in February of 2016 and will include all of the DLC packs.  In addition, reports out of TGS indicate that a sequel is in the works as well.  I played Gravity Rush on Vita and am curious to see how it plays on PS4.  On Vita the controls weren’t as tight as they needed to be and load times were extremely long.  Hopefully, this will bring Gravity Rush to a much wider audience.

Lastly, Star Fox Zero has been pushed out of 2015 to try and improve the quality of the game.  The announcement was made via Twitter and Facebook with a message from Mr. Miyamoto.  He states that the game just needs a little more time for polish and to clean up a few areas and that Nintendo aims to have the game out in Q1 of next year.  This news is rough for WiiU owners as the holiday lineup, aside from Mario Maker, is looking quite slim this year.


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