Altering Your Philosophy

The Talos Principle Review (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, PS4 releasing Oct. 13)

Have you ever wondered what makes you a person?  It’s an interesting question that challenges your sense of identity, person-hood, and humanity.  It’s rare for a game to ask the audience a challenging question like this, but The Talos Principle is an exception.  The Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle game, from developer Croteam, set at an unknown time in the future.  You are born out of a blinding light into an unknown world and greeted by a voice from the heavens that calls itself Elohim.  This voice asks you to recover sigils by solving intricate puzzles so that you may have eternal life.  The player assumes the role of an unnamed android and is given no reason for existence other than to carry out Elohim’s will.  This blank slate of a character allows the game to ask it’s philosophical questions directly to the player and makes The Talos Principle a uniquely personal experience.
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ANJL Episode 43

This week on the show Lewes’s Audacity settings got screwed up and recorded from the wrong mic (super sorry about that I blame getting sick), but we discuss some Street Fighter, Metal Gear, and Destiny 2.0 update.  It was a slow week and we have a shorter show for you this week but it’s still full of awesome.

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