Tomb Raider Episode 8


The Weekly Wrap

The weekly wrap makes it’s triumphant return this weekend!  It’s been a great week this week both personally and for ANJL.  There’s been quite a bit of Elite Dangerous and Stardew Valley going on around theses parts.  As such there are videos for both that hit our YouTube channel this week and I’m super proud of the Road to Sagittarius Part 2 so give it a watch.  Let’s get to it!  Continue reading “The Weekly Wrap”

The Division Review

The Division: PC, PS4 (played for review), Xbox One

Starting with Borderlands and more recently Destiny, the social shooter looter has been established as a fun and exciting genre.  The Division is Ubisoft’s 3rd person entry into this world and bears the Tom Clancy name to boot.  It’s the first new franchise in the Tom Clancy series since 2009 and Developer Massive has openly aimed to top the success of Destiny.  Set in New York, post viral attack, players assume the role of a sleeper cell agent from The Division and are tasked with cleaning up the mess created by the so-called “dollar flu”. Continue reading “The Division Review”